Bought a lemon

I bought a simpson 4200 psi 4gpm. Used if acouple of times and the pumps shot. The hondo 13hp motor works fine. Whats a good pump under $400 i can throw on it? Thanks guys!

Man… we really need to catalog all these so everyone who spent money on these dewalts and simpsons so they know how to find each other for a class action lawsuit.

You’re probably the 10,000th person it’s happened to. The pumps are absolute garbage.

What are you using it for? Are you trying to do commercial work or just around the house?


Did you realize you can’t just let it run without the trigger pressed for more than a VERY short time? Under warranty?

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Around they house but ive thought about washing some family and friends houses to make a little money. Nothing commercial just for houses and concrete.

No i did not ive let it run while running in to grab a drink or move my car.

No i doubt its under warranty bought it from a buddy.

That doesn’t matter with these machines. The pumps are garbage and the warranty is restrictive at best. At worst the give you the same junk pump. I went through three of them with the same machine only dewalt stickers.

Ya motors great though. When you asked if i was doing commercial or just a round the house. I would like it to be able to do both. What reasonable priced pump have you used or heard good things about? Ive read around the web alot of guys say CAT but $$$$$ i paid less for the whole pressure washer haha.

I personally think cat sucks too. I’m a big Udor fan and haven’t ever had any problems with the General pumps either.

Im going to order it now thanks alot for your time. Any thing else you think i need for 2 storey vynal house? I use liquid chlorine and alittle dawn. A guy on said to get a xjet and use aluminum brightner x2 to clean red mud off.

@Sharpe @DoubleH how do I feel about Dawn? Lol


Do a lot more reading here. It’ll tell you all you ever wanted to know.

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Someone say dawn?

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Dont dis my dawn haha IT WORKS. You guys probably nice machiles and trailer setup im just rolling my baby washer around getting its stuck in puddles.




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WHY WOULD YOU USE ALUMINUM BRIGHTENER TO CLEAN RED MUD? I love my XJets but the last half of that recommendation sounds a bit fishy.

I bought my box store 4GPM 4200PSI machine prior to knowing about these forums or the fact they’re garbage. … It’s unsettling to know, but I’m glad to have this place as a resource.

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I guess because it would be an acid based cleaner.

Mmmm. Just realize the pumps have a finite life. If you’re using it commercially put a bit away from every job for a replacement pump. Not everyone has a horrible experience with them :slightly_smiling_face: