Boonsboro Maryland Siding Cleaning without a ladder

Did I ever show you guys a picture of Guys shooter tip in action? I posted this on PTState last year and I think close to fifty people asked for a shooter tip.

The owner rented a lift and washed it himself the last time. It cost him less to have us wash it than he paid in lift rental before. You can’t beat a man at his own game.

Tim I have one of Guys tips and I use it all of the time!

I heard about Guy’s shooter tip and how well it works. I’m guessing it’s used for downstreaming chemicals. If so hows the draw rate?

It draws well.

The rinse picture posted above is powered by a 10 gpm a buddy in New York hooked me up with. :slight_smile:

Small world. Real cool Timbo:)

…but I see a ladder…

Just kidding. Excellent picture showing how a real SoftWash is done!

Good catch on the ladder. We even wash the parts that you can’t see. The back of the chimney chase in this case.