Blueberry bird poo stain?

I got my 1st review under 4.5 stars yesterday. Admittedly, it was the largest house I’ve washed. (3/4 of a mil in KC will buy you a ton of house.)

After the walkthrough I asked if he was happy with the work. He said, verbatim, “I’m happy with everything but the columns.”

He showed me blueberry (or some kind of berry) bird poo stains on the back of two columns right up against some gutters. I missed it. Should’ve paid better attention.

So I go and get the scrub brush, extension pole and bucket… and scrub… and scrub… the berry poo stained the white column. I showed him me scrubbing the poo so he could see they were stained.

He paid me and I left. Then he gives me a 3.5 on HomeAdvisor. All after I brought his back porch back to life for an extra $50.

Long story short, I don’t care about the review because I have a ton of 5’s to support it, but for future reference how do I remove this kind of stain?

Just tell them it won’t come off. Somethings, like artillery fungus, don’t come off.

That’s the part he didn’t like, but it was definitely my fault for not looking by the gutter behind the columns.