Blue stain nightmare

So I wanted a house today ( two actually). New construction, but it had been delayed for twoish years so there was weird stuff going on for a new place. Oxidization on the vinyl and rust/ calcium all over the new white stucco. Everything came out good except on thing. There’s a brass beam ( not sure if that’s the right word but you get the idea) at the top of the balcony in between the stucco wall and stone that they laid on the balcony. Im not 100% that its brass but pretty sure, maybe copper. I see this type of metal alot around here ( beach area) it turns blueish green as it ages. Anyways…after removing all the rust the metal bled the blue onto the stucco. I absolutely could not get it off. Anyone have any ideas. I tried to attach a pic but its too big.

Here it is… Luckily the forman was okay with it. I told him if I used any stronger chem it would prob stain the building but id like to know how to fix it still and if its doable I’m going to go back.

Sounds like copper and will require acid to remove. Would be a good use for oxalic.

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Cool. Thanks for the help. I used clr from home depot. I would of preferred to use something better but its pretty cheap ($10/gal) and honestly worked great. Have you ever dealt with anything like this before? I think whoever designed the house wasn’t thinking straigt. The stones on the balcony is bound to bleed and these houses are going to need cleaning every 6 months or so. They’re right on the beach.

Yeah I’ve ran into the copper staining before. It’s used here quite a bit, too.

And yeah that home spunds poorly thought out however, it very well may benefit you in the long run. Lol

Never tried CLR but I buy oxalic at $26 for 10# and it lasts forever.

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Pumice stone? Vinegar 9%. Shots in the dark that I’ve used to removed paint and rust from stucco

I think you may have told me this before, but where do you purchase your oxalic from?


aluminum brightner or one restore might work also, but really I would not worry to much about it,

Ya I think it’s alright. Its already starting to fade