Bleaching customers?

Anyone else have a situation where you bleached a customer?

So Sunday morning I’m cleaning a house. I’ve done this house before and we’ve talked about what I use, so they know. The plan was, I start at 8:30 and let them know when I’m all done. They said they won’t be up that early but it’s fine, then they just do church on TV, so they will be home. I start on the front of the house, get cleaner on it, including the garage door, then move to coat the next side. I come back around to the front and he’s standing there with the garage door open with my HW dripping all over their cars and him! I tell him about it and to shut the door so I can rinse it. He tells me it’s fine and his wife needs to head. I try nicely telling him to just shut it and I’ll rinse it off real quick. He refuses and said she’ll be out soon. I turn for back for a few seconds to move a hose, turn around and she’s standing under the dripping garage door all dressed up in a fancy dress. I’ve had other times where people walk out to watch without warning and get misted, but never just standing under a dripping garage door. I finished the house and they were very happy and never mentioned anything, so hopefully it didn’t ruin their clothes.

Does anyone have something in writing or a verbal ‘go to’ warning about not coming out of the house while you’re washing?

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It’s happened to me once or twice. I usually tell them that if they need to leave during their appointment slot to please call me before they step out the door so I can make sure there’s no soap in that area before they walk out.

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All of the above…it’s in the T&Cs, it’s in the pre-service email info with their appt., the technicians should (better be) having the conversation with folks (assuming they are available) when they begin the wash. Can never tell people something too many times IMO.

We usually add on a little if we are cleaning more than one person '; -)


You charge a flat rate for that or by the appendage? Asking for a friend.

Well, you are already there and have the hoses out…so why gouge? Always discount multiple services on the same trip.

Happened in 2019, did a house two blocks from me and the teen kids felt it necessary to walk in and out the back yard. Had to tell the parents if they don’t stop doing that I would have to pack up.

Happens 3 or 4 times a week for us. I always carry cash and the guys carry my money. Average about $100 per apartment complex on bleached clothes.

Pocket change for a high stepper like you.

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It sucks to spend money. No way to avoid it in breezeways. I’ve paid for a lot of clothes I don’t wear. $20 bucks is my max unless they provide a receipt of new purchase and I get the old garment. Most folks don’t want that hassle and just take the 20.


:joy::joy::joy: You take their clothes??? No getting one over on old IBS huh!


Yes that’s hilarious.

Soon enough a new store of clothes with spots from bleach will be open.
$30 per garment.
This is how money is made!!


We told a customer to stop coming outside because they we had bleach in our soaps and were about to soap their front door area. They came out anyway and complained about the stains on their clothes. Unbelievably dumb people. I still paid them for their mistake.

We washed a treatment center for drug addicts. They all wanted to know what we were doing and even though I would tell them to not come out while I was spraying they couldn’t resist. One guy complained we ruined his concert tee, but wanted to act like it was irreplaceable. When i showed him the same shirt on Amazon for $20 and offered to get him one het started with the whole sentimental thing. I just left him to sit in his king baby tears.

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