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Hi everyone,

I’ve been pressure washing on the side for a few years now and want to get into it full time. I want to soft wash houses, but don’t want to use bleach at all. Any suggestions on bleach substitutes that you’ve used and had success removing dirt, mildew, mold, etc?


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Why don’t you want to use SH?

Short answer is no. Use the search bar here to find out everything you need to know.

My pressure washer tank has a warning not to run bleach through it. I’d also like advertise that I only use biodegradable cleaning chemicals to customers.

SH is biodegradable, it turns into salt. If your selling point is “no bleach” you already on the wrong start. But, go ahead and try to sell that if you want, while we use what is needed to do the job correctly.


Just about everything is biodegradable given the right environment and enough time…

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Selling point isn’t “no bleach”. I’m looking for a similar cleaning agent. As I mentioned, this is a new venture for me so I’m obviously not an expert.

And this is why we need a vetting process


I second the no App in the Google’s store, this is why.


Ok hold on…your pressure washer ‘tank’?

Can you explain your setup, or take a picture?

The best thing you can do on this board is pretend you are a rank beginner with zero equipment and not presume what you are doing is the proper way of pressure washing. Stating off the bat you won’t be using bleach is a tough sell on here, as we all use it to good effect.

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Dcbrock, I should’ve mentioned I’m referring to the detergent tank. Thanks for the welcome to the forum and actually trying to help me answer my question.

As stated SH is biodegradable. What are you referring to when you say your detergent tank? Do you have a picture?

My assumption is a Homeowner grade 2.5 2400psi with the little 1 gal detergent tank on it for soaping cars

Top right corner of the tank is where it says “no bleach”.

Ok, so here’s a brief synopsis of a proper setup.

Small poly ‘bleach’ tank, hooked to an injector off your machine’s pump. It’ll put roughly 1:15 ratio onto whatever surface you are cleaning. My tank is a humble 5 gallon, some guys have much larger, fixed tanks.

Awwwww he posted the pix before I could call it. Fail…:joy:

So running a siphon tube into a separate bleach tank won’t mess with the internal components like it would if you put the bleach mix directly into the built in tank?

:rofl: @Crystal-Clean

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@ryilli Scroll down 11 topics. Same thread but it’s called Sodium Hypochlorite alternative. SH is bleach. When you see SH in these threads they are referring to bleach

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