Bleach pump guinea pig

I can’t seem to find anybody on here that’s used this, but I think I’m going to pull the trigger on it. I’ll let you know how it’s holding up after I’ve used it for a for a few months. These are the things that interest me about this pump:

  1. They say it was built expressly for spraying bleach
  2. Leak detection, will shut down the motor if it senses a pressure leak in the head
  3. Impeller cartridge replaceable and cheap

Does anybody have any experience with these, or know of anybody else that has? I hate to think that I’m just falling for the marketing.

At the price point that it’s selling at, I would assume it’s a regular pump with viton seals to market as a bleach pump, and generic everything else.

Kinda what it sounds like to me too, plus a fancy white plastic head. I’ll give her a shot anyway

Report back with your findings, Admiral.

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I keep seeing the ad for this pop up on my Facebook. I hadn’t read too much into it though.

Interested to hear your feedback as well!

Curious how the bleach pump turned out Jake. Working all right for you?

I bought the 4gpm version of the bleach pump about 2 months ago and though I haven’t used it for any more than just transferring bleach, I am happy with it thus far. I did hook up a $6 metal Gilmore pistol water gun on the end of it the other day and I got a good 30 foot horizontal stream out of it just playing around in my driveway.

Haven’t changed the head yet! So far it’s been awesome, but there have been times when I wanted more flow. At the top of my 24’ ladder with 200’ of hose it struggles to get to the peak unless the battery is 100%

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Awesome! What kind of height would you sah you get out of it from the ground? Enough to reach a 2.5 story peak?

I’m super duper new, but I saw this video a couple weeks back. Idk if it’ll be helpful to anyone but I found it to be interesting in my learning process. Again, im still a student lol.

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I think that’s probably pushing it. When I first got it, I was a little disappointed that it only barely hit the peak of my 2-story from the ground. I was using a pvc wand with 0060 tip, so it was pretty wide open. I haven’t tried it with all the crazy nozzles and guns in the @Racer video, but I’d be surprised if you hit a 2.5 peak from the ground with this pump

Huh. Did you bump up the pressure at all by turning the adjustment screw?

No I didn’t, I just put it all in the box and let it ride. Figured surely they’d have adjusted it for optimal performance at the factory lol. I don’t know much about adjusting it up, are there any adverse effects like blowing fuses or anything?

Oh one other thing I noticed about this pump; no matter how well you flush the lines, if it sits with water in it for more than 24 hours it’s going to give you a second or two of black water when you use it next time. Probably has a regular old black rubber impeller instead of a viton one, but I haven’t opened it up to check.

According to Southeast Softwash on youtube, the Everflo 5.5 pumps come with the adjusting screw backed out a bit. You can tell if this is the case by spraying into the distance and adjusting the screw until the stream of water is even and smooth. Pulsing means the pressure is not set correctly.


Right on, thanks for the info! I think my winter project for next year is going to be creating a “laminar flow” nozzle for these low pressure systems. If I can figure it out, I’ll make tens and tens of dollars!

@Jake_Lambert I’ve never heard this proposed before, but now I’m very curious about it. I’m trying to picture what effect that will have on operation, but I am far from a fluid dynamic specialist. Will it increase the distance you can shoot water? Will it improve cleaning effectiveness? Judging by the tens and tens of dollars comment, it will improve cleaning efficiency marginally, just curious about how exactly it will do that.

Laminar flow is really neat; the stream of water has almost no turbulence whatsoever, and looks like it’s standing still. It’s really hard to do at the water velocities we use, maybe even impossible. But if you get rid of the turbulence in the stream, you get longer distances. Imagine this stream at 7gpm and 60 psi!


@Jake_Lambert I did some quick Googling before commenting, so I know a tiny bit about it, but was just curious what effect the lack of turbulence would have. I assumed it would be increased distance, but wasn’t sure. Sounds like it will be a fun little project for ya