Bleach not stopping

I’m trying to figure out why im still pulling soap when I switch tips. The machine is a gear drive 8 gpm 3500 psi. When I put my soap tip in to downstream it works as it should. When I switched to a 2530 I still got soap. I replaced the 2530 with a 2520 and it’s the same thing. Any suggestions? My 5.5 is set up basically the same and no problem

So, if you are using a tip to stop bleach, you are rinsing with too much pressure. You just got an oddball injector that pulls really well, we should all be so lucky :slight_smile: Get you a three way ball valve to switch from bleach to water

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Are you talking about an injector bypass like what Rick has or just a ball valve? This may be a silly question but where does it connect and do you have a link available to what you’re talking about.

Run center/bottom hose to injector, run one side to soap, run other to buffer. When your done rinsing a house, you automatically rinsed out your injector.


My problem is that it keeps pulling soap. We’ve been having to disconnect the injector to rinse

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Bingo bingo. I mount mine in plastic, single gang outlets. Cost about 2 or 3 bucks at home depot.

I plan to do that. I saw yours some time back on a vid. I need to find it.

I’m missing something. How does that connect to the spray line?

Use the valve, rinse with low pressure, high volume. It really is the way to go.


This is center/bottom valve hose. Have 2 more hoses off valve. 1 goes to buffer, 1 to soap. Switch from soap to rinse at the valve.


Center hose goes to injector. I use two stainless steel valves. Same principle. My injector is always pulling.

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You did the cadillac setup. Nice. I guess the remote/actuator setup is the Ferrari.

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I’m building it over the winter. Had one job coming down out of the lift to flip it and a mansion with 9 garages that 2 parts of the house was only accessible by roof. Climbing up and down a ladder to flip the valve sold me on a remote set up.

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We used them in the pool biz. Im sure their not to tuff to put together.

About the 3 minute mark


Where’d you get those valves?

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That’s a good video. Thanks

Ebay somewhere. I’ll give them to you, I’ve got some left over


I use tip (Jrod) to pull soap and rinse with no problems with a 5.5 and 4 gpm machine. It’s perfectly safe as long as you don’t use the rinse stream for 1st story rinsing. I would try a different chemical injector first and see if that fixes the problem. Does it pull soap if you use your colored high pressure tips?

I’m in love with mine. So far so good. Us solids valve and fimco remote.

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