Bleach mix?

could this be used as my SH mix?

Yes but that is extremely expensive for 1 gallon

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any website where i can ship it to my house or store with 10% i live in CA

I would imagine that there has to be a lot of pool stores in CA. Did you try checking with them?

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ACE hardware has 2 gallons for $10?

Too spendy. You want $3 a gallon or less. Some get it down to $1 a gallon. Best source is a commercial chemical supply house. The next best is pool supply companies but they are hit and miss.

I get 5 gallons for $12 from a pool supply.

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4.70 at Ace for 2 1/2 gallons. Just went up. Was 417 with tax for years.

10%? …

10.5 percent

Yeah, that’s not bad. I confess I am jealous a f the guys getting 12.5 for $1! :flushed:

Walmart has 10% SH for $3.76 gallon. And the containers are date coded.

Our local pool supply has 12% for 3.65. They close in November though.

I just bought 12 gallons of 10% at the Hilton Head Lowe’s (vacation) to do a few more jobs before being done for the year. $3.78/gallon. I normally get 12.5 for $1.85 from a pool supply place but I don’t think I’ll use 50 gallons before the years end.