Bleach effect on fake yard grass

Hello. I have a vinyl fence soft wash job that the customers yard that is surrounded by the fence is fake grass. I am not sure the official term , but it is the plastic grass outdoor carpet . Does anyone know what a downstreaming bleach effect would have on this ? I use the 8.25% bleach and elemonator in my mix. I guess what I am asking is will the bleach effect the fake grass carpet when coming into contact?
I could clean it by hand but would take more time.
Any advice would be most appreciated.
Thanks so much.

I don’t know but if it’s that fake yard grass & not just carpet, it is really expensive. Would be worth testing an inconspicuous area or contacting manufacturer. Please post your findings.


Won’t hurt it, if anything it will clean it

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It’s nothing more than plastic. Like @danc said test a spot so we don’t lead you into something we have no liability on, but that stuff is likely plastic.

The only issue I think I would be worried about is dissolving the glue the holds the weave together.

put a tarp down