Black smoke from burner

Burner is blowing black smoke and not sure if this is normal but also making a hissing sound.

Air bands might be out of adjustment, hissing from air sucking through restricted openings? I think the sparking electrodes can sound similar to a hiss too if the fuel isnt igniting. You still got heat?

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Yeah it’s still hot. Are the airbands something I can handle on my own or will I need to drop off my machine for service. Thanks for the reply.

The air bands are easy to adjust yourself, they are on the intake side of the blower (basically near where the fuel goes in). Usually two bands that each have openings. I’ve never figured out the exact science of them, but usually playing around will make the smoke go away.

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow morning, when I have some light.

Gave it a run this morning, water isn’t as hot as it should be.

Most likely its intermittently firing. Causing excess fuel to spray in there then poof black smoke. If you feel adventurous look at YouTube and google, get the online manual, and tear into it and get the fuel nozzle/electrode assembly out of there and check your electrodes for melted tips, improper adjustment, etc. first. Once you start learning the burner system they are pretty basic. Download the manual.

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I set up an appointment to have it looked at. I’m not holding by checking these things out myself yet. Ill hang out there and see what the heck they do so next time I run into these problems I’ll know what to do.

My advise is at least work toward understanding your equipment. People will burn you for the most basic stuff simply because they hold the knowledge and they know you dont have a clue (not saying you dont have a clue, just generalizing a statement). If I had to take my equipment to someone every time this kind of thing happens I would be out of business in repair bills. I carry tools, carb rebuild kits, spare electodes, diagnostic equipment, etc. with me at all times while pressure washing.

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Point taken

Same answer as Calvins. Know your equipment because it could break down at anytime and to have to stop on a job is money lost especially if you have employees. I simply can not afford to be shut down so we fix problems as soon as they appear.