Bitting of more than you can chew

hey folks,

  how do you know you are biting of more than you can chew as it relates to a job....? do you consider equipment or the need for additional ones..? do you consider bringing in another company to assist you..? any stories you are willing to share..

Do what you are comfortable with, Take it one step at a time and as your confidence grows you will be able to take on more work in areas that you may not be so confident in. Don’t try to do everything from the beginning or you will be setting yourself up for a trainwreck.

Many times we have taken jobs where we bit off more then we can chew. When that happens we’ve done pretty much whatever it takes to get the job done.

In some cases I rented equipment in the middle of a job, bought new equipment or in the worse case scenario I renegotiated the terms of the job such as the time constraints we were dealing with. When I do the last one I start to lose money because of the longer it takes to complete the job.

Even with booking jobs I tend to over book when where busy. Just find ways to get er done is pretty much the best advice I could give…and never give up.

Just remember you can’t be everything to everybody.

John Devine.

awesome advice guys…thank you so much…this forum is priceless

Amen brother.

I think it is best to sub-contract when you are in this position. You learn from your competition and your competition may return the favor and sub you. Build relationships with contractors around you. Always a good idea.

When we first started I tried to tackle pretty much everything that was offered…renting equipment, subbing…we did it all. But as others have said with experience you learn your niche and the type of cleaning jobs that work best for you and are the most profitable. It is really a good feeling when you get to the point where you don’t have to take everything that comes your way. Sometimes it is best to walk away. confidence and experience work hand in hand