Biohazard upcharge

Okay. Here’s the deal. So I subcontract for a maid service company and they send me photos to bid on and I’m pretty much on the money but today this went a tad far. Condo garage and in 2 spots what I think/conclude is 2 dead animal skins/fur stuck to the ground for some time. Do any of y’all up charge for biohazard cleaning? Cause I am feeling i need to add a few zeroes to this job. At least $100. I know it’s all on me for going off pics vs in person and not asking the right questions but it’s obvious something died here. Maybe even someone shot this creature as the garage door has dried ‘blood’ yellow junk? Idk. End rant.

these are the images I bid off these are in person. See the fur stuck to that corner? Notice the leg weights? Lol

Moon walk away from that job or charge enough to be coated in 3 month old animal juices.

I’m lost for words and appetite.whisky,tango,foxtrot

Dude it’s too late. I turbo nozzled that gunk. Wish I had a face shield but not much spackled back so…

Man that had to stink

You would think they would have been honest with you about a biohazard like that.


Eat this one (not literally) …let them know in future to give you a heads up when it’s not the normal stuff ( tell them what’s normal) lol

I would like to turbo wash the human that left a pet in a garage to die !!


So I ran a blower before I began to get the hair out and other debris. The Dust cloud ensued and it smelled of dirty cat. I gagged. And had to sit in the truck for a few.

In all seriousness, I would have walked away.