Biggest Marketing Win

It’s been interesting reading the Marketing Fails - but what about your marketing Wins?

I’ll say our website is by far our best marketing tool.

ResponsiBid running on the website is worth every dime.

Google AdWords have been somewhat successful, too.

We are mostly commercial 95%. And the google Adwords are pretty good on the ROI.

I agree, Google Adwords is a great marketing tool. The biggest mistake I see
people do with Adwords is they do not have their settings correct, to show
their ads only in the area that they work or want to work in.I am in Nova Scotia
Canada , and often see ads from contractors in Australia.

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We are trying out Yelp ads and video. Has anyone had any good experience with the new venue?

Website hands down
Direct Mail

So you guys guys think the responsibid program is worth the money?

depends how you implement and if you get good traffic on your site currently