Big deals

Jus’ came in over the wire from AL,

 	   	 		 		 			[B]Today's Big Deal[/B] in [B]TAMPA[/B]
 		 		 		[TABLE="class: TheBigDealTitleContainer"]
			[TD="class: TheBigDealTitleIcon"][IMG][/IMG][/TD]
			[TD] 	 $49 Driveway and Sidewalk Pressure Washing  	

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6 days

			 				 					 	[B]Here's the Deal:[/B] 

[*]Pressure washing for a two-car driveway and up to 50 feet of sidewalk

The Real Deal: Your driveway takes a beating from road dirt, sand, mud, oil grease and more.
Skip the hose and let the pros do the work for less with this tidy deal!

			 		 					 						 							Every purchase is backed by Angie's List 

exclusive Rapid Connect

			 					 							The Fine Print 							

[] Deal must be purchased through Angie’s List to be eligible for discount
]Not valid for cash back
[] Deal cannot be combined with other specials or offers
] Deal cannot be applied to current or past jobs
[] Deal is for residential service only
] Appointments are to be scheduled and performed during normal business hours
[] Limit one deal per member/household
] Two -car driveway dimensions = two cars side-by-side and two cars bumper to bumper
[] Additional cost apply if chemical wash is needed
] Brick paver cleaning not included, but is available for an additional fee
[] Any additional needs will be quoted at the time of service at regular rates
]If Appointment is booked and not canceled in specified time frame, the deal will be considered redeemed
[*] Promotional value expires six months from date of purchase; paid value never expires


I was not really sure of a good title caption, guess I’ll need more post before I can be able to edit.
Kinda crazy what folks are giving away these days, unreal if u ask me.

Why guys lowball like this never makes sense except for why there out of business within no time.

don’t forget angie take a pretty big cut of that action the guys is not even getting the full amount

He is obviuosly banking on some major upselling! Wow!

He is only getting half. Crazy!

Desperate people do desperate things—No thanks.

My truck will sit in the driveway before I go out for that amount of money, Most likely has no overhead or insurance and a department store pressure washer.

These guys must be apart of the same “Big Deal” program, I like the part where he says “I like this tip, the spinny one works good” as he’s 2 inches away from the surface of the wall lol

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