Bidding a pretty clean building


I pretty much refuse to work for them it’s not worth the hassle.


Right…I’ll negotiate on a $10,000 commercial job … but not a $300 house wash


I respect everyone from everywhere. But why is it people from elsewhere expect americans to fit their mold, after they come here? They migrate here because its a better system than the one they left. I dont get it.


I’ve noticed foreigners become what i call Americanized i think it can take a few years or even a generation to take effect, cultures can be like languages, be regional, take time to master, and some people simply refuse to learn, or openly accept and adapt, everyone’s different and their reaction to language or culture can differ
When you approach a foreigner, you don’t know in what stage they are in their journey to americanization most retain an accent but you both can learn to communicate in peace


Im operating a business. I always communicate in peace. Growing up an hour from the border, Im well rounded in this department. Migrating here does not make it ok to offend me or my culture though. This is my point. Also, if youve travelled much, youd see that other cultures have no interest in what “stage” your in.


Kinda half hearted joking…

If you really start paying attention at hotel lobbies, you will notice a lot of the independent and/or franchised are owned by so and so Patel. Not all, I know, just enough that is seems common place.

It is not a criticism, an attack or a slander in any way. Just a real world observation that for reasons I do not know, individuals from India with the last name Patel seem to gravitate in the hotel industry. The same way that people who get named Colonel Sanders seems to have a fried chicken restaurant in every town. Really strange…


Definitely a lot of Indian owned or managed hotels. Patel is the equivalent of Smith or Jones I believe. :+1:


Patels are real big here in St. Louis too.