Best way to Xjet a block building with chalk

I’m getting ready to paint a public swimming pool area that has a 25×40 1970s block building. The building has been painted through the years but is severely faded and chalky. I am going to Xjet a hottish mix of something that will eliminate the chalk. Or should I just go old school and blast with a white tip??

be careful, 70’s buildings can have old lead paint on them. Make sure no one eats the chips.

If it’s lead paint then you should run away as fast as possible. Even just releasing that stuff into the air is no bueno and a nightmare to deal with. If it’s not then I’d probably turbo it to remove flaking paint and quote it as a prep to paint.

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You can get lead paint test kits for next to nothing. Not a bad idea to keep some on the trailer just in case. Think I’ll grab some myself.

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