Best truck for residental work?

I have wanted to have a vehicle dedicated to p-washing for two years. With 2012 sales and p-washing demand I may have to take on the debit (good debit) soon (like this month).

I know there is no one vehicle which is perfect and many different ways to set things up.

What I have:
5 gpm machine (after truck comes 8 gpm)
55 gallon buffer tank
25 gallon chemical tank
Chemical sprayer (should of bought a fat boy)

all the other stuff that comes along.

We are focused on residental work, hardsurfaces, decks, siding the occasional comp roof.

I want a long bed, and some cab space.

I have yet to go visit the dealerships, but have crusied online.

Any suggestions?

My style is to buy new and nice, but with this situation I am a bit hesitant (guess I don’t want debt).

We have only done 30k in p-washing sales the last two years, but we don’t market it past Angie’s List and to existing clients.

With only two vehicles sending one guy out to p-wash all day sucks up a vehicle.

Looking at the schedule for May we have 8k coming and I believe we could double that.


What did you end up going with, or wished you would’ve gone with? I’m looking at Tundras and Tacomas. Thanks!