Best time for spring mailers

ordered a ton of mailers, thanks to my PWRA membership for the at cost printing and the postcard design i saved a ton… now for the hard part, mailing them out, and getting the timing right so they don’t end up in the trash. Im thinking late march ( last week ) or first week of April, obviously gonna play by year and what till it’s nice outside, we’ve been known to have some late winter storms ( april ish…) but after this winter I wouldn’t be surprised if we start warming up after february…anyone have any other ideas? any one ever do any research on the best day to send out spring mailers?

I usually start the same time you mentioned. I don’t want to send them out too early because you can’t be sure what the weather will do. You might get a couple nice weeks, send out the mailers then a late season snow hits. All the mailers are wasted. Well maybe not all, but I don’t like to gamble. I mail so they hit homes the first week in April, then monthly all through the season.

This might help:
If you can read and understand this graph, you will never wonder again when you’re customers are interested in your services.,+power+washing&cmpt=q

“100” means the peak of when the term has been searched on google, not “100” searches.

For the Chicago area these seemed to be the peak months when people searched:
-Interest does begin in March, drops slightly in April, bounces up in May, peaks in June, then plummets in August with a slight bump in September.

That’s awesome info, Garrett!