Best size SC for 8gpm

SO my Honda engine seized up on me last week and I took it all apart and it still wont budge. Spark plugs out, still seized, anyways, thinking towards the future my goal in starting was to have recurring business (fleet washing and restaurants, etc.) so I purchased on friday a Pressure Pro 8GPM 3500 machine. Been looking everywhere for a good thread on good surface cleaners to use with a 8 GPM machine and since I’m coming from a 5.5 3500 my 18" needs a upgrade I feel to step the business up a bit.

Anyone who is running larger units, what is a comfortable size SC to be using for drivethrus and flatwork. I saw @squidskc mention plastic decks with heated units (unless rated) weren’t the best but looking at getting one w/o casters and with wheels. Opinions, recommendations?

I have a 20" SC that i use with the same machine. Works like a charm. So much so that without weights, it flies away! I can usually use a brisk walk behind it. Working pressure about 2500.

Dont get this one lol


Do you mean your unit is 2500 or your nozzles on the cleaner are putting out 2500? brand?

Nozzles are putting out 2500. Just a hammerhead, got it for a steal. Otherwise I would have saved for an Eagle Wash. Still might.

Unit is 8/3500

Read ok reviews on the WW Aqua Pro. 24", just a bigger Classic. But I have no experience with it.

I love my 24" WW Aqua Pro. My favorite machine.


You can run any size surface cleaner you want, the main difference is in how fast you will be able to walk with it.
Smaller = faster walk, but more passes
Bigger = Slower walk, but less passes