Best SC for hot water

Hey guys I’ve recently built out a trailer I’m going to focus on commercial cleaning such as restaurant drive throughs, dumpster pads, and gas stations. I want to find out what the best surface cleaner would be to use for the new hot water unit. It is a Pressure Pro 8gpm 3500psi machine. Thanks for the feedback! Also any tips would be appreciated, and chemicals to use.

List your top three choices based on your research here and why you chose them

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My whisper wash has been great, I keep it under 175F though

Which whisper wash do you use

WW Classic

If you have an 8gpm unit, A 4 bar nozzle would be great

WW 24" Aqua Pro for your smaller jobs - 31" Mini Mondo for larger

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31” mini mondo is exactly what I was looking into. Thank you, I’ll also take a look at the 24” aqua pro. I currently have a 24” BE sc but haven’t been overly thrilled with it yet

Awesome thank you