Best Pumps

What do you think us the best pump brand and why?

Which is the worst? Yes, i have used the search.

I’m looking for current feedback from the current group.

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Udor. easy to search why

What else?


General is all I have ever used and no complaints at all. my next pump will be a udor because the lay out of the engine and machine to be able to work on is very important and pressure pro suck !! so the guy who is going to build my machine says udor is the best and that what I will be getting. I wouldn’t worry about to much

I was going to get a General once I got talked out of a Cat. Then a company in GA convinced me; with technical and anecdotal reasons ( they repair pumps) to go with the AR RRV4GD-F24 4000 psi…The guy sounded sincere and so I passed on the 4040 General.

I bypassed the bypass hose on the unloader so I am spitting cold water when it unloads.

This advice came from “T.P.S.” on the AR so we will see how long it lasts. I hear alot about GP but I don’t know jack so when you are starting out you have to trust the vendors and the forums…I trust the latter as they have a dog in the fight called " no down time"

I hope you get 5 years out of your AR pump. I really mean that. I got 4 months out mine.

Well I hope so too… The Pump Store in GA extolled this pump over the GP EZ4040 and you need to put oil in that pump Squid!

BTW…they steered me away from the Cat 67 and 66DX. And recommended the RRV series.

I am a regular maintenance fanatic thanks to my time in the Navy. I spend the money to have Amsoil put in my vehicles. I just had the timing belt and water pump in my tundra replaced for the second time in its life. $1200 whether it needed it or not. (Tundras usually need it every 100k) I’m 1000% confident that if there’s a failure of my equipment it is not due to maintenance.

While we’re talking about maintenance though, AR does make a hose you can thread in the bottom of your pump with a valve on it to make changing the oil faster and easier. Just like the ones for Hondas made by drainzit