Best picture ever

This one hits home for alot of us. Just thought I would share!FB_IMG_1536448276454


I don’t know how to photoshop but imagine a pressure pro on his back and a GX690/Udor on the paper


Gx690 :-1:. Kubota :+1: or even a kohler

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I’d love a Kubota but I need something that can be bought on the road when we are traveling. The Hondas, they average 3 or 4 thousand hours. I had plenty of Kohlers but got rid of them when ethanol hit 10% and they would vapor lock. Have you run the new efi Kohlers? I’ll try them again.

No I haven’t I’ve heard to much mixed opinions on them from my friends that have them in mowers. I’ve never seen that kind of hours on a big Honda most guys around here can’t seem to get much past 1500 and there dropping coils every few hundred hours like clockwork . Diesels are great but what you mentioned is the big downfall. Nobody ever had parts in stock let alone find a shop in some town your not fimiliar with.

I typically have a governor fail at about the 2500 hour mark and coils are random. 200 hours or 2000. That’s not a huge deal and most of my guys can do it. Extra one on every truck. They did not last that long when I had them inside trailers or box trucks. Ran to hot. max of about 2500 hours then

Now this is perfect for our us!!
Thanks for the inspiration @Innocentbystander