Best pants, and on sale

Light and stretchy, most importantly, tested with 12% and safe!

I bought 10

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How do you pick length

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Thought the same thing, in cart but can’t order until I figure that out. :grimacing:

All the sizing chart says is Short: 30”, Regular: 32”, Long: 34”.

I guess plan on hemming them if you wear shorter than a 32” :man_shrugging:.

Ole Cotton Hill inseam

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They are half price as of today

Update 26-Mar-2020
Sorry guys, they are not 12% safe. Good, but not perfect. Should have tested more before I post.

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I ended up order them pants since they had great savings on some summer stuff for the kid… wore them yesterday. They are super comfy and awesome pants. In wash now, will see if any damage was done.

Worth ordering if looking for a nice comfy pant that is cheap and looks good though. They are big. Order a size smaller from what ya normally wear.


I would not recommend Mountain Warehouse to anyone. After this post, I ordered $100+ worth of pants and they had stitching falling off and overall ill-fitting. Went to their website and got the return shipping label. Dropped it off at the post office on 4/4. I have not received the refund as of right now, 5/20. Apparently they use some private return service which does not have it’s own tracking system. It still shows as “in transit” on USPS tracking number which is all you get and PayPal will not help me with the refund because it is technically not fully returned yet. Apparently, the shipping company they use picked up the package from USPS and have not gotten it to them after 6 WEEKS. I’ve contacted Mountain Warehouse, of course, and they simply said ‘well, we haven’t received it, so you’ll just have to wait.’ At this point, I’m writing off the $100. Unless you’re 100% certain you’ll love their product and can live with the virtual no return policy, you don’t want this… :man_facepalming: I Googled them and they have thousands of 2 star reviews with similar stories…

On a positive note, I ordered more of those performance polos from Queensboro. Great fit, color, bleach-proof, and awesome customer service like I remember from 3 years ago. Highly recommending them.


When I saw this post I ordered one pair just to check them out. I ordered khaki but they aren’t even close to what you’d think of as “khaki”. They were more brownish/olive drab. I found some khaki shorts and pants that are 100% polyester on Amazon. Not sure if you’ve ever seen the tactical style but that’s what they are. I like the style. I linked them in another thread earlier. The one talking about “clothing impervious to sh” or something like that.

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I second this. Their customer service isn’t the best and their sizes are bigger then what they say

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I ordered the black and the khaki pants.
@marinegrunt is right. They aren’t khaki.

I do like the feel of the pants. Very light. Even in the heat, the black aren’t that bad. I’ve been using them all season. They’ve held up well to normal house wash SH %. But I’ve got some spotting from higher SH hitting them. From a distance the spotting is not noticeable.

I returned a bunch of stuff on 4-14 and just got my refund yesterday. And, actually, I returned stuff from two different orders in the same box and they only credited me for one order. I’ve already contacted them to find out what’s up.

I did contact them around 5-15 and they said they were way behind processing refunds due to covid but they offered to refund me if I would let them know what I sent back. I thought that was cool of them. I decided to wait it out and see if they got it.