Best Jbar configuration for a 4gpm/4kpsi rig?

I currently run my jbar with a 2510/1530/0010/0030 tip configuration. Is this optimal for my rig, or should I look into a different setup?

Jrod? 2540 and 0040 are all you need. Don’t use 10 orifice nozzles it’s too much pressure for soft washing

Eehhh…the high pressure nozzles have their uses. I’m using the HP nozzle today on some metal gutters with really stubborn mildew stain residue. The LP shooter tip isn’t knocking it off.

Use a soft bristle brush on a pole. It’s quicker, less chances of damaging, and you’ll probably get better results. Just try it once and you’ll see.


I use the shooter tip on my jrod to clear leaves and debris off of driveways sometimes. It puts out a heck of a blast of air. Other than that it’s pretty useless.

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Not here man…gutters are recessed into the house and two stories up.

I have severe back issues anyway.