Best injector on the planet and other fittings


I run 225ft right now.

I cut down a little this year.

Did you try the 5-8?

Check the suction on the injector.

I have a feeling it will pull fine at 250ft.

I def had to spike the mix more but man it was effective.

I dont think 25ft of more line will matter.

I dont know for sure because Im only at 225ft right now.


So your saying the surfactant is fine in the sh I can pre mix a couple buckets seal them and I’m good to go with the downsized injector and one of the orifaces


have you ever tried these


Elemonator is not a problem. I’ve had it sit for a couple of weeks and haven’t had any problems


Awesome drama averted I’ll get the Grey one and mix my elominator and sh


Quick apologies here I’m high strung and a this new business has me burning all three ends of the candle!!!


Yes with elemanator. I can’t answer for other surfactants. If it has barlox or amonoyx lo in it you are ok.


Why not mix what you need when you need it? I’m a solo operator and it works just fine for me.


Always have it left over and I’m too cheap to throw it out


I’d rather keep it fill it back up and guesstimate what surfactant is needed


Where I am sh is hard to get in 12.5. I just drove 2 hours my only other option was to buy from a pool store for 10 % and two more dollars a gallon


Lol. Bob carries the three way because I sent him one. I’ve tried pretty much every injector over the years. One or 2 might work at 250ft occasionally but I need it to work every time, on every time, on every truck on every machine. I’m ok with what I have. System works. I found those valves from US Plastics about 15 years ago. Before that it was brass that lasted a couple of weeks.


10-4. I was just wondering. I’ve went through alot of injectors n different methods over time. That set up, with the colored tips is the only thing that works and is accurate for me. But I’m running different chem than ya’ll on a daily. Also different hose length. Thanks


Those 3 ways are a gift from the PW gods. I love them


One more question please,what’s you’re on this.

I’m thinking it be beneficial for more gpm and less were on the injector orfice?


Nothing there



I just put it back up. Sorry


I pretty much do the same thing with a 3 way poly valve for a lot less money


The amount of gpm gained back from that is about 0.05 gpms.

Pretty much nothing.

Will not make or break the day at all.