Best injector on the planet and other fittings


I perfer a number 54 drill.


Can you get the same desired effect by leaving the tip out and using a metering valve so that you can adjust your Chem on the fly like this one


Maybe. But what you mean posted is $14 plus more plumbing configuration versus a 70 cent plastic orifice


Less is more. Like IBS says, make it simple so you can train 12 guys to do it or fix it and they all know how even when you’re not around.


I for one like this better so I don’t have to take it apart to change from different mix ratios and to avoid all the silly drilling of orifices. and every time the injector goes out starting all over. This way I can change how hot my mix is with a twist of the wrist and when the injector does fail just swap it out. and the dual draw on the metering valve will allow me to have a bucket of surfactant separate from the sh. just thinking here guys does the 7 dollar difference really not justify the ease of use.


Am I wrong in thinking time is money and you guys are spending a lot more than 70 cents worth of time drilling your 70 cent orifice


You are right, time is money. Your method is over complicated, more expensive, more time consuming and not effecient. But, it’s your mess so do what makes you happy. I make my living bidding against people like you lol


What extra plumbing are we talking about here anyway a hose from the injector to the metering valve and one hose to the sh tank that you already have and a hose to a soap bucket and you gain the speed of strengthening your mix or weakening it in a few seconds. I don’t have a crew but if I ever did and they couldn’t figure that out I wouldn’t have them long.


Arrogance lol


You aren’t arrogant. You just haven’t got a grasp on all of this yet. Stick around, research and learn. I’ve tried the metering valves. Not practical for effeciency. Really no need to adjust mix except maybe 1 percent of the time


I guess since I haven’t been doing it long I have nothing to offer you. Thought this place was for conversing and finding better ways to do things but all I see is a select few pushing their thoughts on everyone else and if you don’t conform you get ridiculed. Have it how you want I find knowledge here and I am grateful for that but the arrogance is discusting to say the least. You would rather sit and drill holes in 70 cent pieces than entertain someone new has a better idea. Lol and yes I know my grammar is wrong leave it like that.


It’s not very often I adjust my mix strength. Maybe the first few weeks in cold weather.

Buy 10, spend 5 minutes drilling them out, and you’re good for the year.

The simpler the system the less there is to fail which means less downtime.

To each their own though. Give it a try and see if it works. You never know. I’m not sure if it will work for surfactant though because you use such a small amount in hw mix. I doubt it will draw slow enough for 5 oz of Elemonator per 5 gallons of sh.


I’m tired of hearing about my grasp also explain it then I’m tired of simply being told nope won’t work or bs I’ve researched until my wife is ready for a devorce lol. I have a strong knowledge of hydraulics I was a hydraulic mechanic for years I understand motors and fluid dynamics. I have better than most trust me. I’ve worked with my hands my whole life. I’m not a kid.


Thank you marinegrunt


I think you are missing the point. You suggested something. I pointed out why It wasn’t a good idea and was more costly. That’s the point of the forum. Read , research and learn from the mistakes and tinkering of others


That brings me to a different question for my application I have a 5.5 gpm they offer a dual barb one could I use that one and have different colors in each one for the surfactant and one for the sh


In theory yes. The double gulps do not draw consistently. Most use them to try to draw more of one product. Your best bet would be mixing your surfanctant and bleach together for a more uniform blend.


Are you running over 200ft of pressure line?

I order ten 5-8 gpm injectors by mistake last week.

I said screw it let me try these things.

Washed all day today with it no prob at all.

10g SH 5g H2O.

A short suction hose is key.


I run 250. I had no problem with just 200 ft of hose and using 5-8 gpm injectors


I’m trying to avoid putting my surfactant in my sh is my point here I’m a single operator and I don’t like letting it sit mixed for longer than a day I understand it’s not supposed to be bad for it but it definitely can’t help I’d like to fill my sh tank with sh and have a bucket of surfactant and water mix drawing from both I figured with the metering valve it would take maybe a ball valve to slow that side down or thin my mix with the metering valve. But the dual barb option is intriguing because I could meter each side with the orifice to the draw I wanted. Will either of these do that or is there a better way