Best injector on the planet and other fittings


Did you buy this one or did you make it?


Sent pic to Russ at Southside and they sent partially assembled. I had the injector. I don’t remember how much assembled though, have had for 2-3 years. It’s just screwing parts together either way.


@squidskc I put a 10 ft whip on. No pull. Checked all the fittings. It’s not even pulling air. I’m confused why it’s not working. Checked the ball as well. I just dont pull chem with it on my 8. Any other thoughts or suggestions Anyone?


Call me tonight. I’ll be done working by 7pm EST and sitting in a motel room


Make your own, like @Racer said


Are you bypassing to gain gpms for rinsing?

I feel the gain is extremely minimal even when bypassing the injector completely and plugging directly to the swivel.


It is


How many GPM ?


Now I can see the difference! You’re DS is in the loop. Bypass is a straight shot to your lance or what not. @Innocentbystander was right about the 90 degree restrictions


It depends on which injector I’m using, but with all if you’re on gun you can feel a noticeable difference, especially with larger orifice. It can be as much as 1 gpm on my 8.5. Also use just to cut soap on/off if my electric acting up. 90% of the time though I’m running thru my injector unless using surface cleaner.


Any of your ds injector this loud ? Sound like sucking air but does draw soap


Man you got a lot of stuff going on in that pic…


All mine sound like that. Make your life easier and get rid of all those clamps on the downstream hoses. They aren’t necessary and it makes it harder to replace three ways and swap out injectors


Show us some pics of your rig. Looked pretty good from what little I could see.


I will post a video or some more pics up later in a different thread


Dangggg last year you were running a trailer weren’t you?? That thing is sweet!


Hey! It’s Truck Norris’ bigger brother :rofl:

Very sweet rig.

Mind sharing how much that ladder rack cost you?


Very nice, super nice, awesome


Yeah man … pretty much took all the money from last year and re invested it back into the business …I haven’t really pay myself just trying to keep growing …


Never stop marketing.