Best injector on the planet and other fittings


The bypass did nothing for me. You lose in friction loss what you gained in diverting the injector. I think it’s pyschsomatic, like with the super suds sucker. You spent that much on something and you convince yourself it is worth it. But whatever floats your boat. Even if you gained a half gpm in rinsing, you are adding more things to leak and replace, and another step for an employee to go thru.


Thanks for saving me 90 bucks fellas ,much appreciated. I was trying to talk myself into it. Been sitting in my wish list for about a week. :+1:


Only reason I thought it would work ,is when I run without my injector hooked online, I can actually feel the gpm or pressure. But as you said by the time it makes all the bends ,you’ve lost it


If you really want to, just unplug the injector and plug in the line when rinsing.

That would take about 5 sec more then turning that ball value.

But I guarantee that and the bypass will get old very quickly.


I do believe that a bypass with 1/2” plumbing would be much more effective than the 3/8”. Pressure loss at the bends should be quite minimal with larger plumbing. But I’ve yet to test my theory.


Yeah. I’m gonna throw my 90 bucks that ya’ll haved saved me and throw it at Hydro Chem for more chemicals and another water softner system for my rig. Thanks again fellas.


X2. I had 20 gallons of 3% mix sit for 9 months or so in a white barrel with Cling On in it over 2 brutal seasons. Used it two weeks ago on a job I needed 1.5-2% and it worked flawlessly. I think people make degradation a bigger deal than it actually is.


I tossed my bypass in the pile with all the dead brass injectors, Briggs and Stratton carbs and parts, a bright red splatter shield and a bunch of jrod sweaters…

Jk about everything except the dead brass injector and Briggs carbs and parts, but the bypass would’ve been a good idea if I capitalized on it first. In reality, I think the concept is hilarious.


I agree. sometimes people tend to over think things.


Most times.


I was being nice


I can’t get this injectors to pull chem on the new 8gpm. It’s only 3ft off the machine I’m hoping that’s the problem. Any other likely culprits you guys can think of? I’m going to start trouble shooting tomorrow.


Is it sucking air? This new one did that. Another 1/2 turn on QC’s and hose clamps and it was good to go.

But first, stick a pick down in it or blast a quick shot of air down in it in case the ball on yours came pre-stuck. In which case, see the o-ring post above.


Everyone that cares and wants to get an edge is constantly looking for or trying to build there own UNICORN . So people hire people to think tank and come up with this stuff and promote the heck out of it and make a mint.Just like car commercials n tooth brushes. Always gotta reinvent the wheel. I about fell for it.I’m glad I asked. Wished I’d asked about alot of my worthless PW plunder I got lying about over the years. :cry:


I’ve got some worthless stuff. Once I find something that works I tend to stick with it. I just got an m5ds and have used it for 1 job. I have 23 (80units) to wash next week so that’ll give me a chance to play with it. the older I get I’m finding myself more resistant to change.


Preach it brother! I’m looking at 47. I cannot stand change. This industry seems to change more than my fiber to protein intake on a daily basis.


Balls not stuck, first thing I checked. I’ll have to check the fittings.


Don’t get me wrong. I am pretty much always willing to be open minded about different ideas. But, it has to be a certainty that it will benefit us for me to change my routine


I had the same thoughts recently. Was looking at running a dual barb injector with my surfactant pulled separately just like you are saying. Not to keep from my mix sitting, just for simplicity for me. Yes, obviously more time in setting it up, but then after that its no more batch mixing, and can run one SH tank and probably one soap tank instead of two for my DS and roof set up. That is what I was trying to avoid. I wanted to use one SH tank and one soap tank, and be able to pull from each for both set ups. Trailer space was my concern and what I was trying to improve by doing this. I have a metering system on my roof set up, so I could pull straight SH and soap seperately with both systems like this, which is what I wanted to do to be able to eliminate tanks. I got the same reaction. Everyone kept saying “it takes 2 seconds to add elemonator to my mix.” That wasn’t my issue or what I was trying to avoid, just seemed a lot simpler to me once you had it set up. I still want to try it, just haven’t had time to play with it and see if it would work. I’ve seen some videos of guys doing it and talked to a guy on another site that is doing something similar with good results. We are all doing the same thing basically, but there are definitely more than one way in getting to the end result.


That’s because most everyone keeps ordering the wrong one. I’ve shown pics of mine several times and yet everyone keeps ordering the stock one from pressure tec. Adds almost gpm to mine when I bypass.