Best Hose Reels

I am looking to get some new hose reels. What are the best hose reels to stack?

Ryan Edrington
Xcellent Xteriors
Lakeland, Fl

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Hannah Electric works for me.

Hosetract has one for cheap.

I have stacked Summit. They work good for me.

I like the Titan electric Reels myself , I believe they’re made near Lakeland Fla.

Guy I have regular titan reels and love them, however im really thinking of the electric reels, what is your power source on them??

I power mine off the same battery that does the pressure washer and fatboy roof rig.

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D-Mac…This is what we do also. Deep Cycle Marine Battery.

We have several brands we have tried among the trucks over the years.

Rapid reels seem to hold up fit and finish the best for whatever reason. Reliable swivels but they dont hold as much hose and installation is a little more tricky.

COX - work well - finish is a 5/10. Awful swivels (they blow out)

Hosetract - seem a little “clunky” - design not smooth or refined in my opinion. Swivels have held up ok

Summit - good design with the stacker kits, awful paint and swivels. All reels are rusting after a year.

Titan - like the stainless but the base imo is a cheap design lending to a not so sturdy feel.

The Cox reel was the one we started out with. I liked it and it held up well (sans swivel) but powder coat failed within a year or 2. Still a great reel IMO.

We’ve never had a problem with Titan bases on our electric or manual reels (we currently run 11 Titan reels). The main thing with Titan reels (high psi) is knowing that they have 2 different manifolds, 1 is made of carbon steel, the other stainless steel. Carbon rusts, that’s just the way it is. The stainless manifold just lasts a lot longer, but you must specify when ordering. Plus they come standard with Super Swivels, which is the only swivels we use…#1…again IMO.

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In my opinion, the TITAN reels hold up the best. The paint or powdercoat fail on the rest within a couple years.