Best cleaner for oil spots on concrete?

I’ve done some research, and I would like to know what works best for oil spots on a concrete driveway. I have read about muratic acid, but that kinda scares me… Any help would definately be useful. Thanks in advance!

Give EBC a try. I do NOT know of any product that will 100% remove oil stains

What is EBC?

Enviro Bio Cleaner.

Got it, thanks guys

Acid won’t touch the oil but will leave bright spots on the concrete

Sodium Hydroxide is a great degreaser and very cheap as a raw ingredient

Where would I be able to buy sodium hydroxide? Pool supply stores? Any recommendations?

Chemical manufacturers or suppliers. Check google for ones in your area

You want sodium hydroxide “pearl” which is dry power and easier to store and safer to handle. You can mix it with wate up to a maximum 50% solution. It’s handy stuff. Lots of commercial house wash mixes include 2% NaCl2 because it’s so alkaline you can use a bit less bleach

Buying in liquid just means half the bottle is water!


Thanks alot. I’ll check my local area

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