Best chemicals

I got a bid in on a BBQ place lots of grease so I naturally use hot water and i need some suggestions

Suggestions for what?

Products or a special mix

You have to tell us what you are washing. We know it has something to do with bbq. Is it the building? Kitchen hoods? Concrete? Dumpster pads? Food truck?

Dumpster and dumpster pads and 2 dumpster and a grease dumpster and around a grease trap

The Innocent one was a firefighter in an earlier career but could have just as well been a detective. Good job on getting the man to talk @Innocentbystander

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Lol. My degree is in criminal justice. I started of as a cop and quickly learned they suck and switched over to the Fire side :smile:
I can’t offer advice on concrete or dumpster pads as i dont do them

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Off topic, but I gotta tell my favorite firefighter joke:

What is the ONE thing cops and firemen both have in common?

They both wanted to be firemen when the grew up.

(No offense, @John_T)

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I’ve heard it told the other way many of times. Just look at kids halloween costumes. I always see police but rarely firemen. Just saying. :slight_smile:

That’s because the cool costumes always cost more, and parents are broke these days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


best chemicals are the one that work !! Bob has some great ones

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Just get a good degreaser. For first time cleans a little bleach afterwards helps for sanitation purposes.

Get yourself some Dragon Juice!