Best Big Box Retailer Surfactant?

Howdy folks hope all is well on this nice Friday evening. Just wondering what surfactant you folks use that I wouldn’t have to order from online. So far I’ve tried dawn, gain, purex and mean green. Any others I should give a go? Gain masked the smell the best out of the bunch but still want to test others.

Dawn and mean green are degreasers. Not sure what you are washing but don’t use them on vinyl or painted surfaces. Much cheaper and better products out there. Elemonator from pressuretek is by far the best in my opinion but there are others out there.

2nd Elemonator. Goes far and works great on windows.

why would a professional want to buy from big box stores ??

I recently ordered a gallon of Elemonator from Pressure Tek, its such an amazing product that delivers awesome results!! Just bought a 5 gallon bucket of Elemonator because I never want to be without it!!

I’m on drum number 3 for the year. Good, good stuff

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Just got another 5 gl today. I like Elemonator the best of anything I have tried. I had several customers who told me their vinyl siding looked shiny again when I started using it. I’m not sure but they thought so.

Im ordering a gallon to try it.

Elemonator is my choice it rinses really easy and puts a nice shine on glass