Best benefit org/assoc has offered so far?

I would say networking but guys always want to know based on a monetary value when it comes to these questions. So with that being the case, the best benefit for me is coming from the PWRA and Anya from Web Design Raleigh NC | National Award Winning Web Design

She does excellent work, she came highly recommended and to top it off because of my PWRA membership I saved aprox $800 with her-- sweet!! That’s aprox 4 yrs of my PWRA membership cost right there so for me that’s been on a monetary value #1 and of course the returns I’m making now on my website is helping me make bank.

So what’s been your #1 Benny so far that an org/assoc has offered to you? It could be from any group and not necessarily the PWRA. Gives us a monetary value on that benefit if possible.

I haven’t used many benefits. I plan on using them this year, a lot.

So far, the best benefit is half off entry to WCRA/PWRA events. I was able to attend NOLA for half the price, as well as the PWRA convention on Nashville. Both amazing events that I saved about $400 on.

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I am new to PWRA and sure this is going to be great for my business as time goes by. I will be saving a lot of money using their discounts for members only but I am really looking forward to the knowledge and different ideas that each and every member brings to this association.
As of right now, I am a member of my local BNI and the referral work I get from it is great. It may be hard to dedicate the hour and a half every week, but I have meet lots of great contacts and had lots of great referrals. BNI may not be for everybody because it isn’t just about getting referrals as it is about getting referrals for your other members. “Givers gain” is our motto and I really am a believer that the more you give, the more comes back to you. If you have never been to a meeting, Google BNI in your area and just try one meeting. Even if you just go to one meeting, you will meet some great people and probably even sale a job or two. My first meeting paid for my first years dues. Hope everyone has a great 2014.