Belt replacement


I finally got my new pump in today, the sds bushing last week and the pulley last week also. Question is where do I get a belt for my application. Just a regular style belt from the parts store or what.


Last time I got new belts I ordered them from napa. They had two in stock, the third was delivered next day.


I got mine from Grainger


OK I know this is an old post but looking for a Lil advice on new belt… Mine has 3 belts and was looking for belts and ran across these belts wasn’t sure if I could replace with this belt. Has anyone ever used this style belt or should I just stick with single belts.

This is mine now.

Here’s the belt I was looking at.


As long as you get two so you have a spare seems like a good concept. Good thing about singles is any auto parts store carries them


Yea total understand that part about singles. Only thing I hate about single belts is when u change one u might as well change all. Bc if one breaks and u replace just one then the other old belts won’t be as tight as they should. Just curious about them though. I was planning on keeping about two spare of that new belt if I choose to try them out. but just wasn’t sure if anyone used them before and knew anything about them. Thanks IBS


Cool, could you share the link and price to that triple belt?


@JHH here’s a link but not sure if that’s where I’d get it.

That’s just one of the ones that popped up


On this topic… do you guys replace belts every ×× amount of hours? Or wait for one to go?


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in my book, but I’m curious to see what others say as well


If one goes it usually takes out the others. Typically we tighten belts about twice. By the third time they need tightening there is no more travel left on the pump rails so we replace them. Never replace just one. I prefer cogged belts of smooth. Less slippage.


One thing iv learned in 10 yrs of dealing with belts on other equipment is, once a belt is loose, it is best to change not tighten. For one that means belt is worn out tighten it is just a quick fix. Two ur changing from the original size and if someone doesn’t know better when they go buy a new belt they buy a belt the fits where you have it set after tightening and not adjust back. Which brings me to my last point, if u have ppl working for u and they know nothing about making sure everything is straight and line up just right then ur gonna eat up more belts and waste money. Just replace the belts once they get loose or if one breaks replace all at the same time. Just my .02


All my pumps have welded on guides so they are always aligned. There are 4 spare BX 48 belts on every truck so no searching for belts. I get your point but I try to take the thinking out of it for the guys. I’ve lost two or three sets of belts over the years tightening them tge way I do. It doesn’t hurt anything if they break. Just makes it easier to take them off lol.


@Innocentbystander Yea that good u have them set up like that. It’s also good ur guys know how to do so. Must ppl have no clue on stuff like that.

@Donerite to answer ur question. I check my belts each time I back my trailer back in. So far I haven’t had to change or tighten if that’s ur choice of action. If I check and find a belt loose or cracked I’m changing all. Just me though and my .02, i just fill better not moving or adjusting my equipment from factory setup.


Belts, sheaves, bearing and seals wear down. Belts go first, then usually seals and then bearings. I change my belt every 4-6 months to keep vibration down. Check alignment on sheaves frequently to make sure nothing had moved. This will help the life span of your belts, seals, and bearings.