Beginner Youtube Series

I am more of a visual learner so it would be great to have a Youtube series to go along with the information we find on this forum. I did find some recommendations in the search for some Youtube channels to follow, but that was from a post a little over three years ago. I just wanted to get an updated take on who yall recommend on Youtube vs. who to stay away from. There are so many guys there selling a marketing package with crazy promises so I know to avoid those

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You will be best served to learn how to search and choose the right guys on YT. Check Powerful Improvements (Joe Deery) and also Entrepreneur Army - Mike on this channel has some really good content although he does bounce all over the place and he is tough to follow, and lastly (and best) is Raymond Notario. Search through these videos and you’ll be in a great starting point.


After spending what amounts to a full time job on YouTube the past month and a half I can tell you who I would use and not use. A lot of it is fluff for click bait. I noticed after typing the list below, the videos I find most useful are the guys that actually have stores that sell products and not the “YouTube Gurus” as some call them. Wish I hadn’t spent $300 on ForeverSelfEmployed and Aaron’s Lean and Mean Academy. Had I done more YouTube research and more importantly known about this place first I wouldn’t have bought that. We all make mistakes. BUY something with a free trial period that way you know it’s legit. If they don’t offer that then it probably isn’t worth it, because they know you can find the info elsewhere.

  1. Doug Rucker- Have to get over the fact the business is named after him, but once you do that his videos are really good quality. Old school guy, doesn’t flood you with BS, shows you different products available and how to use them. I like his presentation style in front of a desk with the items in his hands putting them together. He has been in the business a long time and of course offers you premium training online or in person and he also has a store.
  2. Pressure Washer Help- He is also a seasoned veteran. Not the best on camera, but the dude is very knowledgeable and the channel name really does it justice. Does live streams as well where he can answer questions. He has premium packages for training as well.
  3. Mike puts out good videos, has a store, and again sells premium services. Sometimes it’s guys working for him? actually in the field on a total house job which have been very useful. Been in business a long time

Those seem to be the main guys I keep coming back to.
I think all of those guys have school on the marketing and equipment usage side of things.


There are quite a few members of this forum with great YouTube channels.

Pro Clean Exteriors
Aspen Power Washing
Squids Pressure Washing

And I know there’s more but that’s the ones I remember off the top of my head. I can assure you they are well worth the watch. Aspen doesn’t do much in the way of “how-to” videos but a guy can learn a lot just watching his guys use the equipment.


We have the subscription for Powerwash Academy. I think they are good for beginner knowledge, and we put all of our new guys thru them. Anything that definitely does actual jobs is a plus IMO. There are a few other guys that you can get a lot of insight from, even if they are demoing products they are selling. Just have to parse out what you’re looking for.

For marketing stuff, look for guys that have actually accomplished growing a business, and preferably aren’t looking to sell you a system right out of the gate. There is a lot to be said for passing this off to a “specialist” if it’s not in your wheelhouse, or something you want to invest time in. Ultimately, you’re going to have to invest in your marketing plan if you want to grow your business, you just have to decide if you want to invest you time, your money, or a little of both…but those are truly the only options. Remember that your time has a cost. I’m bad about “just doing it myself,” and not realizing that I could have had it done for me, by someone who is better at it than I am, for maybe $100/month (which is often pennies to the hour that I spent on something in hindsight).


Watch all 3 of those. Like Joe’s the best. He shows how he does it, gives times, and chem used.