Been Reading and have a question about roof mix

I attended a class before I did my first roof and was taught to figure on strength of sh allowing me to mix 6% ,8%, or 12% to the desired strength. When reading threads and the mix is 25% sh I am making the assumption you are talking volume of 12% but I know what happens to people who assume. I have been mixing the 8% from the store to a 4% strength mix but have to go back and hit brown spots quite often. Is there a problem with my strength or the amount I put on the roof?

I have been using Green Wash with the bleach. Any advice will be welcome.

4% sh should work good on most roofs. I was not impressed with greenwash as a surfactant. Fresh wash or roof snot work better for me. I now add one ounce of surfactant per gal of mix this allows the solution to cling to the roof for a longer time. Reducing the amount if touch ups we have to do.

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Sounds like you are doing fine. It is normal to do a touch-up or even up to three applications if the moon and stars are not in your favor. Experience and asking questions will help.

Thanks! I thought I was doing something bad wrong but if it is normal to hit it a two or three times then I am doing better than I thought I was.

The object is to minimize runoff. Use weakest mix that gets most of it off the first time. Then follow up as needed. You will get some of those low pitch roofs at 12 years old that will be tough to clean.

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When we clean roofs our mix is 30 to 50 %. Most time it one coat and just a T-UP here and there

I am very surprised to here that you aren’t satisfied with greenwash. So when using roof snot, do you put anything else or is that your surfactant.

Roof Snot is more of a cling agent. It will hold your roof cleaning mixture on the roof, reducing run off.

Fresh Wash can be used so you can lower your bleach concentration, since the Fresh Wash will amplify the cleaning power of bleach.

Yeah, I was wondering cause I have never used roof snot on its own with SH. I got the impression that it was also being used as a surfactant.

I was under the impression some people had been using just SH/water + roof snot as a house wash mix, or have I got that wrong?

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I may be wrong and correct me if I am but to be roof snot is not classified as a surfactant but as a foaming agent and in that regard you would need something in the mix in order to release the surface tension between the surface and the organisms. Here is you would find videos using roof snot and a surfactant.Certified Roof Cleaning In Trinidad & Tobago. Without Pressure Washer In Trinidad - YouTube

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