Become a supplier to bid

Hi, so a few companies like, banks, real estate, property managers, require that you sign up and undergo a screening process before you even submit a bid. Which includes singing up with a third party that may charge you.

If you’ve done this before, How easy was that process for you?

What extra things do they expect from you? like certain amount of employees, locations, multi-racial staff, higher insurance, etc. Or does your typical insurance policy, workmen’s comp exception, payroll, county, city tax paper work suffice? I noticed one even asked for my D&B number

And does it vary from who your’e applying for? does the gov require less or more things?

I was suggested to sign up with by Onvia, are they complicated?

Is this whole process worth it because not everyone goes through it and thus you can bid nice and high? or does everyone think the same thing and join?

Thank you everyone for your input on this great forum

I’ve never had to do that. Proof of insurance and a W9 and I’m typically golden.

I’m curious to find out what others say.

Never had to do that either.

Whatever you do, don’t go near compliance depot

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Ditto on compliance depot being a scam. But, I pay them there 3 or 4 hundreds a year for different management companies and bill out a half million or so because of it. Most companies don’t want to pay $100 and deal with the hassle just to be able to bid on a property. I do it all the time. They suck though. Most companies now made you go thru a third party to invoice. Another $100 a year and $2 per invoice.

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