Beating a dead horse one last time.. facebook ads anybody?

I have been thinking about doing this the last 2 years but never got around to it. Anybody running facebook ads? If so, what type of ROI do you generally see? I know facebook has tons of different options as far as ages its displayed to, renters or home owners, income levels, desktop or mobile app etc. Im completely computer illiterate so i dont even know the first thing about running a facebook ad… what do you fine ladies and gentlemen usually find has the best results as far as settings, duration of campaign and your budget? I was thinking about giving it a 1 day shot on a nice warm sunny day!

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I would just tinker around with it and see what works for you.
Your market is different from ours.
Just do it

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I run paid Facebook ads and it keeps calls flowing. I usually spend $200 a month or so and get 30-50 calls from it. A good time laps video helps.

You have to diversify when it comes to advertising.


Your drone video was awesome @SchertzServicesLLC . Did you use that as a marketing tool ?

I have just stopped my paid FB ads…I get plenty of reach and videos get lots of views…they generate nearly no calls. It all depends on your area.


I run them quite frequently and they work well. On average, I land 2 jobs from a 6 day advertising campaign that costs $30 to $40. I would definitely suggest giving them a try in your area and see how it goes.

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I find that posting inside individual sales groups actually works better. All depends on your area though I am assuming.

What are you guys using for your ads? Do you pay per impression or do you pay per click?

@niro Facebook ads cost you based on reach and length, nothing to do with clicks or impressions. I can set up an add to run say for 5 days. Then I select my budget and that determines how many people per day will see the add. If I choose $40 budget it might be 500 people a day. If I choose $50, it might be 600 people per day (Not real numbers, just something outta my rear to illustrate the point).

This is not entirely true. Based on the campaign you setup you have the option to choose which way you want to run it. I just ran my ad last week for pay per click to my landing page. I haven’t had much success so I do have to do some A/B testing. I just wanted to see which way others here are using. Your way is a impression based bid.


Be careful on the advice given on a pressure washing forum about marketing lol

The cost varies, you can get really in depth and a lot of different ways to run ads and each has its own set of rules in regards to price.

For instance I’ll run a “slideshow video” with the main picture set on 10:seconds and second on 1 second. In this case you can set it up to pay for through plays (people who watch the entire “video”) most people won’t watch the entire video because it looks like a picture, not a video.

Any how, great content out there on YouTube and other places on Facebook ads.

I ran $300 worth of ads over the weekends, sent out $6700 in estimates today and will close 70% of that.


I’ve also had ads where I’ve have zero ROI… have to test it until you find what works.


Yay thats a nice return! Got to take a look at that as well at some point.

Hey man whats your website / facebook? Would like to get in touch with you!

Are you running ads yourself or do you have these profrssionally managed? Do your ads have a landing page or lead to your website?