Bay Floors

Ok, I am going to be doing the bay floors at a local fire department. The station is newer and the concrete was poured over a year ago. It is sealed. There are grease stains, exhaust stains, dirt, bar oil and whatever else has fallen on there.
The purpose of this post is to get some advice. My plan is to downstream sodium hydroxide (16oz per 5er) with Cling-on added (1oz), let dwell for 20 mins and then use surface cleaner. I do not have heat. Is there anything I should do differently or things to be aware of? Thanks to everyone

You want a degreaser for this work look at a product called EBC.


Thanks, I’ve read about EBC on the forums before but never used it. I’ll take another look. Was thinking 2000psi would be good on these floors being commercial concrete, anyone think I’m wrong?

First off, you don’t need Sodium hydroxide for those floors. You mainly only want to use it where you have heavy grease build up like a dumpster pad. Plus the hydroxide is going to strip that sealer right off that concrete in a heartbeat. Plus hydroxide is corrosive to most metals and toxic

Get some EBC, environmentally friendly, and will do the job, non corrosive and works pretty good with cold water. Hot water is normally always better though when you’re cutting oil and grease. Commercial concrete you can safely go up to 3000 psi. As long as your runoff isn’t looking milky, then you’re not etching. But that job doesn’t look hard at all.


Thanks for the advice. I’m glad I asked first and have resources like you to reference. I’ll get it knocked out.


Be sure to post a few before and afters

Will do.

Also you might need to scrub the greasy areas with a brush, oil comes off better with contact