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I’m very slowly getting my roof cleaning setup together. I just discovered that my battery won’t fit into the Ready Box- too long. Obviously it’s no major thing to get another container it will fit in. But I want to make sure that a group 31 Marine will be compatible with the Delevan 5850 pump I have. I’m guessing it doesn’t matter as long as the voltage is right. As you can see, I’m still very green in this field.

Group 31 is bigger than you need but bigger is better in this case. You will be fine.

Thank you, Tim.

Tim, what make and model of battery do you use? What kind of pump? Thanks for any info you can provide.

Jason Young, The Window Guy
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There are currently 10 group 31 batteries in use around my home and shop. A mix of SAMs club, autozone, Walmart and my favorite, Interstate.

31 series are all so generously oversized that it doesn’t matter which one you get from where.

We usually run two tied together for the roof pump but we use the same battery bank for our electric rewind reels also.

Roof pumps always come from Bob at PressureTek. He is sort of the one that researched and developed 12v roof pumps into what they are today. He has kits. Get the cheap one if you like, but get the “battery in a box” option.

If you are serious about this gig, go ahead and get the Bob Bandit.

Whatever you pick, go ahead and budget for a spare pump sooner rather than later. The roof pump generates several hundred dollars per hour for us every time we use it. Backups keep that money machine rolling.

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Booom!!! Bandit and dont look back. I waffled about doing the Bandit and said “what the hell” and bought last winter. Although I didnt push it hard core this past year I did make enough using the Bandit that I am thinking of doing a bulk mailer next spring/summer to hopefully ca$h in, big time. BTW I do this part time, Do It!

Eric Calabrese
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I currently work out of the back of a f-150 and i try to keep the bandit with me at all times. I use it on roofs and also anyplace i need a quick roof mix application (really green concrete, really badly stained walls). I also have used it to spray percarbs, and other cleaners. It has been such a great addition to my cleaning toolset, you simply can’t go wrong purchasing it.

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