Basic Roof Mix

Can someone explain a basic roof mix, like where to start? I have been searching and haven’t found really anything! How much s.h./water/surfactant etc.? Thanks in advance!

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there is a lot of info about roof mix… search Lil more

You want to mix a surfactant like elemonator (or laundry detergent if you’re feeling cheeky) and you want 3-4% on bleach strength. So if you have 12.5% SH in your bleach then you want to mix a 4:1 ratio of water to bleach. Make sure to do a test spot to see what works. If it works instantly it’s too hot, should take a minute or two to start killing algae. It’s better to be slightly too strong than too weak, because it’s easier to dilute rather than add more bleach.

Also you will use a ton of bleach on roof cleaning so prepare accordingly. I’ve hear people will go through upwards of 30 gallons of SH for 1 roof.

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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the you helping with the question I had unlike some other people! I got some 30 gallon tanks I was going to use to start out with I guess I will go through it pretty quick. Do you spray a thin coat on or a thick coat?

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Depends. Over use means you won’t have to reapply. Under use and you may have to go over it twice. Like I said, do a test spot first.

Alright, Thanks!

Dude, you’re sounding like me when you say “other people.” I started out in your same position, not searching and just asking questions. I’m not perfect and I sometimes jump the gun by asking first, search later, but when it’s easier and faster to use that little magnifying glass at the top right corner, you’ll be better off and gain more respect from everyone in here, rather than pissing them off for asking a question that could’ve had an answer found much faster.

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Search more


Go to the Blog. They have charts for house and roof mix.

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What is your roof wash mix? I assume then you use the cling-on roof additive?

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