Bare Truck Skids Texas

We recently purchased a new skid from, “Cedar Creek Innovations” & wanted to let the locals know they build quality stuff…

They don’t ship them yet, they’re made to order & you’ll need to pick it up in shop.

The aluminum is stout, laser cuts, as well as the machine shelf. They build 5.4 ft & 8 ft skids

If you run vertical tanks, you’ll need to specify ladder rack height… but other than that, I’m very pleased with the work.

They are located in Gainesville, Tx

I’ll post a couple of pics for reference…
The hose reels are 18in in the photo, 5.4in skid


Dang those are nice. And Gainesville is right around my old stomping grounds.

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The construction from Gainesville to Dallas, is out of control… Hwy was jammed getting out. Just like I-35 through downtown Austin…

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Looks nice! Pretty much what we use in an 8’ variety. They’re crazy expensive to get built around here though. I doubt driving to Texas would be worth it if they’re cheaper there though, lol

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Base price starts at $3195…

I’m only posting to let the Texas folks & anyone close to the state, know they build solid skids. Heck, there’s wash companies here driving all the way up in your area to pick up skids. LOL

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I’ll bet. It’s all in knowing someone where you can get what you want. I do about the same price-wise locally (a bit higher, but with some bells & whistles). I’d be in if I was looking for an off-season road trip though. :rofl:

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Cedar Creek Innovations Skid
mockup for equipment mounted


Nothing like unpacking a fresh Honda :ok_hand:

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Finished cleaning up the wiring & hose. This skid is getting pressure tested tomorrow & loaded Sunday…


Nice looking build, need more pics. Show me where you’ve got Flow Pro actually mounted.

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The actuator is held by (2) stainless steel rubber cover clamps (1’’) Mounted over the DN10 inlet & output… base has velcro cushioning… Rock solid!

Control box mounted with angle aluminum, stainless steel self tapping screws, & bolts…


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Is that an 8gpm ? Love the build.

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igx800… I think its rated at 8.5

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That’s awesome I am think of running an 8gpm off a 100 gallon buffer let me know if you have an issues that’s awesome.

Depends on what you do…we found 100 to be too small for everyone’s taste with our 8s

Ya that’s my fear that’s why I am thinking 8ft bed with 2 100 water dragon tanks together and another for sh.

We have 1 with 3x100s, the rest have a 275 tote.

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