Ball valves

I know some people use ball valves on their guns. I went to a local pw supply store and the ball valve that they had must’ve weighed a pound or two. What are you guys using?

They are a touch heavy.


They don’t cause too much fatigue?

I use the same one…love it

while you’re at it get a mosmatic hose swivel…you will love life

any body put a ball valve on their downstream line and if so wich one???

I use the same ball valve as the one above on my gun and never notice it being heavy


I use the same one as Trey

I use the same ones. No gun . I probably haven’t used a gun in over a year. Its either straight to nozzles or plugged in to a SC.

I’ve never really seen the need to get one. Does it really make life that much easier?

Yes you will thank me later

Which do you use? This one

Mount the DGV series to any type of high pressure gun, lance or whip line for an easy turning, low maintenance gun swivel. An extra long stainless steel shaft guarantees stability and durability against side torque and heavy use - SWIVELS MOSMATIC /

This is the one I have

I use the swivel, ball valve, and the easy pull just for fear of dropping it but with the back pressure while on the trigger you won’t notice the weight. Just make sure when you go to switch to the sc you grab the right QC lol. I’ve caught myself trying to disconnect the wrong one before.

Speaking of ptstate is anyone else having problems logging in on or off tapatalk? Or is the site down?

PTstate is down

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I like it when I have to switch from wand to surface cleaner. That’s about it. Don’t get the one with the square body & long handle. It’s hard to open & close.

Ahh cool. Thought I was banned for a minute.

Mine is in the mail!:slight_smile:

Florida Condo - does having no gun and using a straight hose hurt your wrists at all seeing as how the gun was designed for ergonomics and comfort all that?

No its actually less fatigue. I turn it on spray half the house then turn it off no trigger to pull or hold. Plus the injector works better with no gun. Keep in mind I never use high pressure other than the surface cleaner