Ball valve

whats a good bv for down streaming

X-Jet… J/K since I stopped down streaming years ago( we use high chemical mixtures) someone here can be much more of assistance on what ball valves to use that won’t corrode to fast.

Here is the ball valve that we use. it has nothing to do with downstreaming though


I down stream using only a ball valve often. Wash one story homes all the time with it. Also soap concrete often with no gun as well.

I like the ball valve Tim posted cause it don’t have a big handle sticking out. So it doesn’t catch on every thing

That’s the one.

Stay away from the one with the Long handle & boxy body. Piña to open & close.

John Devine.

No matter what ball valve we use we go through them all the time.

We’ve been using that one from the “Get Go” great valve!

get a swivel to go with to prevent your hose from kinking

So I assume that one is holds up reasonably well to sh?

Michael, do you do it for speed of application? Thorough coverage?

Speed, ease, max flow and one less tool. Awesome for rinsing driveways .

we dont use sprayguns with triggers so if iwant to change tips i have to go cut the machine off every time thanks all replied

I use the same one Tim listed too. Wish it was a bit lighter though

Don’t wish it were lighter, wish you were stronger :slight_smile: