Bad reaction from housewash on screen door handles


These were silver before I washed. I would expect this on rubbed bronze, but not silver. Help!




I have heard that as well WD40. I have also heard magic eraser and I think so kind of mineral oil. Let me search a minute and see if I can find the thread


vegetable oil


I don’t think that’ll work in this case. I hear it does for rubbed bronze and other “live” finishes.

This looks like tarnished silver. Makes me wonder if there is some actual silver in this finish? Wish I had some silver polish with me…


Found that old thread and it was bronze like you mentioned. That thread mentioned the vegetable oil. If that is tarnish then I would try Brasso like you are thinking


Tarn-X brought them right back. Thanks guys!

Lesson for the day: don’t panic! :grin:

Would’ve been expensive to replace all 3 of them…


Wow! Thanks for this post! I’d have been replacing


Awesome, glad you got it worked out