Awning question

I just did my first black and white awning today.

Pretty nasty, picture doesn’t show how bad it was. I did the usual bleach/scrub/bleach/rinse procedure and frankly I’m disappointed.

The dead mildew turned brown as usual but made the white stripes a light tan color. I talked with the customer and she said it’s a vast improvement and go ahead with the rest but I’m not happy. Sorry the pics are reversed, dirty one is on the bottom.

What more can I do? Will the sun eventually bleach it out?

I think it looks very good. Sometimes we can not fix what a homeowner has neglected for years.

Idk Brock it looks perfect in your picture. :grin::+1:
We’ve done quite a few awnings 4.5% bleach and rinse and repeat as needed lol thats all we can do.
Customers have always been happy

Looks like you need a little stronger mix. What % did you use? Doesn’t look to bad in pic though.

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I’ll try and get a better ‘after’ pic today, need to go back for the window cleaning.

I’m with everyone else on this one…I’d consider that for a solid before/after promo pic for awnings if the angles were better :joy:

Here’s a better close up shot if you can see the grey spots on the white part.

Looks pretty good to me….I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I’m doing about 20 awnings right now and I bought Winsol deep clean for them. It helps to clean them and protect them afterwards. (With a hot sh mix) I feel that it’s an upgrade over regular surfactant. But I’ve found that my 1000 psi tip (65-20) is what’s needed to really get them clean. You have to be careful though because the material needs to be in good condition otherwise it may tear.

I’ve cleaned a couple with SH, but a couple local guys I know have used this with great results.

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Link is dead

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Its just

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