Awkward moment

gentleman just thought i would share an awkward moment and get your feed back

i was in the process of giving an estimate to have some fascia boards pressure wash the owner of the home expressed interest in having some paint work done. I called upon an associate whom I know to be a painter to access the job so i can accurately price the job. unexpectedly the painter had presented an estimate a few weeks earlier to do the same work done…your thoughts please and how would you handle a situation like this…?

painter was gonna wash and paint? or just paint?
If wash and paint, either try another painter, or let him have the job to keep from souring your relationship.
If he’s just painting and not washing, I don’t see a problem.
Just explain to the customer that the painter you use, is the same guy that gave him a price.

Yeah, they probably didn’t like his price or the service he offered. If you think his prices are reasonable and you find him reputable and would consider being on the same playing field as him be prepared to not get the job either. It sounds to be like they received a price for a professional to do the job and now they want to find a middle ground guy that will charge less for the same work. Be honest with the customer like you said and tell them that you found out they were quoted by they guy that you do work with and you believe he was within acceptable cost for the work. They will probably appreciate your honesty and hire your friend being that his prices have been verified and someone else can speak for him/his work. I would personally would carefully back out of this one because it may spoil a good business relationship. Just my thoughts. Good luck with it.

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Team up with the painter and make it a plus for both of you, you wash and he paints and you both get work.

Were you thinking about pricing the job for painting as well? If your part was just for the Fascia boards, for your sake I hope you have a pretty high minimum to just do a job like that. If not it sounds like a money loser.

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the painter was offering to do both wash and paint…evidently

John T

the trend of thought was some what in mind with Heroes power washing…i was considering him to handle the painting and i do the washing…encompass all in one price for service to be rendered both persons gain…

Sound like a good plan that can grow even more in the future.

sounds like a good way to go.
My painter I use has no problem with me doing the washing and him doing the painting

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definitely my line of thinking…

thanks for the contribution John T

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i think the price the individual quoted was durn good…to paint and wash including roof cleaning…i personally would not have skim on the price for the roof due to the high pitch and the need for equipment to carry the work out…i share your last sentiments thank you

All the painters in my area power wash. I don’t think that they soft wash or anything like that. Maybe start to offer exterior painting? Ill take on small exterior paint work. Like trim & stuff like that.

John Devine.

Yeah, that is a little awkward. It does happen. Business is business. There is not harm in it.
Hope you have an amazing year!


thank you beth…like wise