Awful Experience

Worst day Pressure Washing EVER!!


Had a customer call me a week ago and tell me about some concrete under a house, an unfinished house. It was an hour + away so I took his word for it.

I get there and the road to the house is an over-grown 2track made of rock and such. (First chance to run)

We pull down this jungle road, and I approach what looks to be a size able ski hill, say double black diamond size. I ask, we have to go up THAT!? (Second chance to run)

This guy has to pull my trailer up this mountain with a tractor!!!

So now I’m a little uneasy, we get to the top and my jaw drops, this place is huge! The job is nowhere near the size he said, there’s way more to it than he said, and now I’m ****ed. (Third chance to run)

So I figure ill just go ahead and do it, I’m here right? So I start, clean the subfloor and rafters of the basement and all is going well. Basement floor was not so much, it flowed all wrong and I couldn’t keep up. The breaking point (literally) was when I hit a concrete form tab with my brand new classic and punctured the bar. Needless to say it was go-time. Lost $200 on the job.
Lessons learned:

  1. Never bid a job unless you know the details, take the time and ask questions, ask for pictures etc.
  2. If it feels wrong WALK AWAY!! Buff said

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing

We have all been there and done that at some point. Even with almost 13yrs behind us there are still day I wonder why I took a particular job.

Amen brother - we all have ones that we look back on and wonder what we were thinking / why would we put ourselves through that for a few hundred $! Even worse are the whole days that you wish you just hadn’t got out of bed :what:

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Go with you gut feeling. Absolutely.

It will probably take a couple more of those before you truly trust your gut feeling and just walk.
Count it as “education”.

One thing I have learned is that it is okay to pass on some jobs. It may be hard especially if you are not that busy but trust your gut.

Had a few got burned in now I know better and will walk away no questions.

One thing I had to lean through the years is “you can’t be everything to everybody”. Don’t feel obligated to take on every job & make everyone happy.

I still have to remind myself if this after 8 years.

It’s tough. No questions about it.

I first try to double my price, if they don’t go for it. Then I walk away! haha

we did a comm. gutter cleaning in 2008. It is one of two times we had to increase our price to finish the job. It’s a long dull story. But it took something like 24 man hours to clean 500 feet of gutters.

Got a call from them two weeks ago. Went out to look as they said they had made improvements. I got up on the roof for 30 seconds. Got back down. Told the contact I appreciated the opportunity but I was going to pass.

She said I was the 5th person to walk away from it. Glad I did as we have not had a down day. What ****es me off is why was the 5th person called…

I just recently had a job in which I should have walk away (oxidated aluminum siding) but I took it.

Thankfully the owner was satisfied and happy with the job.

But I def walked away not feeling satisfied with the finished product.

I dont know what’s worse sometimes…The customer not being satisfied, or the yourself?

Ill settle for myself not being satisfied. I won’t walk around bad mouthing myself

John Devine.

Interesting situation. Never be afraid to RUN AWAY.

That’s definitely me! Customers are easy to satisfy but my analysis retentive butt, not as easy! Lol

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