August slowdown

If you’re not doing annual check ins with ALL of your past clients and inquiries you’re missing a huge opportunity. Email went out at 9:30. 5 of 7 want scheduled in August. It’s 10:13.


2 more. 11:07

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Good to know.

What slowdown? I’m practically begging for one. Need a day off sometime.


I haven’t seen one either. But prepare yourself for the litany of posts from those not marketing while they’re busy in June and July, making excuses for August, while asking how to make the phone ring. Happens here every year.

I think people have told themselves August is slow and they believe it.


Yep. August is slow if you let it be slow. There will be a natural drop off in calls/new inquiries sometime between late July and early September depending on your market area. I can track it by how many hits I get on my Google page. It already started dropping off here a week or two ago.

But someone in their second or third year of business should not have trouble keeping a fairly booked schedule during this period with a little hustle and planning. I like to have somewhat shorter days and weeks this time of year, simply because I start to get a little burnt out and I don’t handle working in the heat all that well. But I could easily keep the schedule packed if I had the desire or stamina for it.

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When I first started we had little to no business in july and august. Then I figured out my marketing and now July is usually are busiest month and august we do well now as well. we usually still gross between 10-15 k per week in august. Now the first week of September is a little bit of a slow down because kids are going back to school and end of the summer vacations happen in the last week of August. Right after those 2 weeks we are right back at it jammin until thanksgiving. After that we will go as long as we can in December until the winter shuts us down. we do have gutter cleaning contracts for January and February ( weather permitting).